At TG landscapes we combine our extensive experience in the landscaping and horticulture industries to turn your landscape ideas into a reality. With our highly trained design team, we can offer a design service from concept design to construction details & 3D visuals.



Initial Consult (1-hour Meeting on site)

This is where we discuss what is required of the design, any problems, likes, and dislikes, wants and needs of the space.We will discuss your current situation in terms of garden/play space use. It takes the form of a short questionnaire. Upon completion of this consultation, based on what we see as well as what we learn from you, you will be presented with a summary of the brief and a quote for the proposed Landscape Design, usually within 48 hours.


Site Analysis 

In this stage, we will address and make note of the following:

– Dimensions of site

– Location of relevant services, including water source, storm water, lighting.

– Location of existing trees and shrubs to remain.

– Levels of site

– Views (if relevant)

– Location of any problem areas (e.g. wet areas)

– Soil Analysis

– Sun/Shade areas

– Condition of existing vegetation

– Access issues

After all of these things have been recorded, we are able to draw up a base plan to scale, from which further design work is based upon. This process ensures we think of all possibilities and problems that need to be addressed. It provides us with a clear understanding of what condition the site is in, and what issues need to be taken into consideration in the design process.


Presentation of Draft Plan

After the site analysis has been completed the information gathered would be used by our experienced design staff to develop ideas for the way in which the space could be laid out.

Rough plans (Mud Maps) will be drawn laying out where different areas could best be placed, and different elements that could be incorporated into the design. This process gives a good idea of what the space could look like. In this meeting we can discuss the ideas presented, make changes, and it provides you with a chance to ask questions and get a better understanding of where the design is going before the final concept is drawn up.


Presentation of Concept Plan

After discussing the draft plan with you and making any changes, we will move on to drawing up the concept plan. The concept plan is a colour plan drawn to scale clearly with design CAD software, which you will be able to use to quote the job accurately. The plan will describe all elements, materials, and a plant palette.


Some further planning may be required depending on the job, all of which we can provide, examples below.

Planting Plans

Construction Drawings

 Irrigation Plans

Elevation Drawings

Engineered Plans

3D Rendering

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