Nature Play

TG Landscapes have been a part of the Nature play movement over the past few years. It is the perfect way for us to express our creativity, building play spaces for children to explore, interact and engage with nature. Our goal at TG Landscapes is to combine natural and sustainable materials to create safe and exciting play/learning spaces for children. We have a strong emphasis on using Australian native plants, however, also incorporate some suitable non-invaisive exotic plants which provide a fantastic sensory, and educational garden space.
Through out the process, we use recycled materials where possible and minimise waste from the project.
Nature play spaces are a great way for children to assess risk during play, let their imagination run wild and learn from the environment around them.
Have a look at some of our work and get in touch today to find out how we can help you create a beautiful nature play space for your site.

Seaview Downs Kindy

Little Hampton Primary School

Modbury Community Childcare Centre

Prospect Early Learning Centre

McLaren Vale Visitor Centre Nature Play